Embracing change

With an ever-changing legal landscape that has seen the enactment of various new legislation with far reaching consequences for non-compliance, a strategic legal partner has become essential to help your Business navigate through this ever-changing legal environment. At MJ Kotze Inc., we embrace change and would like to assist you and your business to effectively manage change by being a value adding strategic partner for your business.

MJ Kotze Inc., strives to be a solution driven contemporary Law Firm that utilizes the latest technology and business practices to ensure that the services that are provided are done in a cost effective and efficient manner which in turn results in cutting down on the normal high overhead expenses, associated with the Traditional Law Firm. 

By following this approach MJ Kotze Inc. is in the position to provide affordable, alternative fee agreements that are aimed to add value to your business.

We recognise the importance of a multi-disciplinary input and work with other professionals who provide additional expertise in resolving concerns to provide clients with an holistic understanding of their problem and deliver a packaged solution.

Fee Structures

The billable hour pricing model offered by traditional law firms has a tendency towards rewarding inefficiency.

We understand that a client’s value perception has nothing to do with the hours it takes to do the work. In traditional legal practice, the lawyer gets paid, no matter what, and if a specific process has value or not is “not part of the deal".

At MJ Kotze Inc., we strive to charge an appropriate fee, based on what value the client receives and how that client perceives value. We ensure peace of mind by providing fixed-fee structures and bespoke legal retainer arrangements, therefore ensuring up-front information of service costs.


Managing Director

Martin is an admitted Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public that specialises in Business, Finance and Property Law.