User are specifically informed that they do not obtain ownership of the rights relating to the contract, which rights inter alia includes the copyright relating to the code and the content of the contract.

The user is only provided with the right to use the electronic contract to generate and assemble a contract for a single transaction for a limited duration.

Given the aforementioned and the digital nature of the electronic contracts, we can only refund the user if the contract is in some way defective and cannot be repaired within the limited duration period during which the user is provided access the to generate and assemble the contract.

Users are specifically informed of the limited applicability of the electronic contracts and it will not be regarded as defect to an electronic contract if the specific contract does not provide for an option or a scenario which the user requires.

We will however endeavor to assist the user to include the specific option or make provision for additional scenario, provided that the addition of the specific option or the required scenario does not require additional legal research or re-drafting of portions of the electronic contract and provided that a fee arrangement is made with the Firm for the time spend relating to the addition of the specific option or the required scenario.

Should you experience any problems in assembling the electronic contract or accessing the electronic contract on our website, or if the electronic contract is defective in some other way, please report the problem to us as soon as reasonably possible after you become aware of the problem, but in any event within the period for access to the contract is provided.

We will then investigate the possible cause/s of the problem and how to rectify them. We may need to liaise with the relevant service providers to assess and rectify the problem to enable you to run and assemble the electronic contract correctly.

If the electronic contract is defective and cannot be repaired within the period for which access to the contract is provided to the user, then we will credit your account with the purchase price of the electronic contract or refund the user if that the user’s preference.